Summer 2019 Market Update

"Stock markets around the world probably went up and down over the last few months. The fundamentals behind these movements were thought to be people buying shares and other people selling them."

"  HatTip  " is written by Nick Lincoln, IFA

"HatTip" is written by Nick Lincoln, IFA

If you would like to get more regular drivel like this then simply Google “monthly market updates”. You will find literally hundreds of them. Take your pick.

Remember though: 

  • what happens over a month is utterly irrelevant if you are investing over decades;

  • no one knows where markets will be next week, next month, next year or beyond;

  • no one really knows or understands what moves markets;

  • no one knows where markets will be next week, next month, next year or beyond (I know, I know, but it is worth repeating).

Life is too short to worry about things you have no influence over.

Concentrate on what you can influence, not on what you cannot. If you find yourself checking the BBC Business page every few hours you need to get a hobby - now.

And if your Financial Adviser is reinforcing bad habits by constantly telling you what the markets have been doing, get rid of her. Find someone who will put education about investing at the core of their relationship with you.


If you can’t control the markets why let them control you?

{The above is not specific financial advice aligned to your unique circumstances and requirements. If you act on this article without first reading your own body weight in Key Features Documents, personal illustrations and fund fact-sheets then you may well be struck down by lightning.}
© 2019 Nick Lincoln