Investment Philosophy

In our view, educated investors are happier investors.

Before anything else, please read our "Investment Philosophy and Asset Allocation Policy". In this we outline our approach to investing client money. It will help you understand what we do (and why) with your investments.

Our "Statement of Independent Investment Principles (SIIP)" expands on the above and shows the past performance for our range of Model Portfolios through the end of 2018. For the record, past performance really is no guarantee of likely future returns.

We encourage a long-term perspective. Here is an excellent presentation from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). It shows how short-term events become insignificant when investing for decades, as our clients are.

When investing your money, it is important to remember what we promise not to do, as well.

The three short videos below will help inform you as to how we shape our investment advice:

If our investment message resonates with you, get in touch.