U.S Election: Nothing To See Here

What Happens Today & Tomorrow Means Nothing

"  HatTip  " is written by Nick Lincoln, IFA

"HatTip" is written by Nick Lincoln, IFA

The US election looks to many (including me) like a choice between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

My extensive research concludes that either Trump or Clinton will win: beyond that, everything is uncertain. Whichever way the election goes, world stock markets could well have kittens, to use a technical phrase.

Such times can be deeply unsettling - nobody enjoys seeing the value of their investments fall, however temporarily. But most of my clients' portfolios span decades. For many families, their financial plans are powered by investments that will likely extend over 30 years or more.

Long Journeys Are Made Up of Lots of Little Steps

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In a 30 year period, there are 10,950 individual days. Think about that for a second. In that context, how important (or not) are the next two or so days?

In time, the US election will be just another "event", just another (potential) blip. Until the next one comes along, as it invariably will.

The short presentation to the right (or click here) may help put the above ramblings into context. Time is a great healer, especially with your investments.

In terms of your financial well-being, what happens today and tomorrow is - honestly - pretty irrelevant. What happens over the decades is what matters.

If your financial plan spans decades then time is on your side. Let time work its magic.

{The above is not specific financial advice aligned to your unique circumstances and requirements. If you act on this article without first reading your own body weight in Key Features Documents, personal illustrations and fund fact-sheets then you may well be struck down by lightning.}
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