Attitude To Risk (ATR)

In order to "tick" compliance boxes, we need to try to gauge your ATR.


Assessing your ATR is not scientific (some might say it is a complete waste of time). It does not mean that you will own an investment portfolio that will never give you cause for concern, at some time. Market corrections are an inevitable part of investing: when they occur, your portfolio will fall in value; although this will only ever be temporary, it will test your temperament.

Secondly, ATR is just the starting point of a conversation with you about your investments. We can only truly know the return your money needs to earn (and hence the investment portfolio that is appropriate for you) when we have produced your Financial Plan. When this is done, we will construct a portfolio that is aligned with your long-term requirements. Your ATR will inform this process - but it is not the process alone.

When answering the questionnaire below, please remember these key points:

  • you are likely to be investing for decades. What happens in the short-term is utterly irrelevant to your long-term aspirations
  • cash is deceptive. Although it never appears to fall in value, it often does, in real terms (after taxes and inflation). Every year, your cash buys you a little bit less. Over time the insidious effect of inflation is powerful
  • your Financial Plan will factor in you having enough cash to hand to fund short-term living costs e.g for the next two to three years

We strongly recommend you read our "Investment Philosophy" statement before proceeding.