Our Fees

We are in business to be profitable

Below is a representation of our fee structure. We reserve the right to change prices depending on the nature and value-add of the work we undertake. We express the value we add to our client's lives here.

In all circumstances, you will be informed of all costs before consenting to any regulated advice work being undertaken.


Investment Product Implementation

  • Typically we charge 0% to 1% of any initial lump sum.
  • Example: we advise on and implement a lump sum investment of £500,000. We agree a fee of 0.50% for advising on and arranging this. This fee of £2,500 is then deducted from your investment, leaving £497,500 invested from day one.
  • None of the investment products we recommend contain exit penalties.


lifestyle financial planning & Client Care Program

  • The "Client Care Program" underpins our ongoing Lifestyle Financial Planning service.
  • Our minimum annual fee for this is £1,750 per client / couple.
  • The cost of this is met by deducting an annual fee from any investments we manage on your behalf. Alternatively you can settle our fee from your bank account via monthly standing order.
  • The schedule of annual fees is:
    • 1.00% on the first £500,000 of invested assets
    • 0.25% on the balance
  • Example: we advise on a client portfolio of £850,000, made up of ISAs, unit-trusts and pension funds. Our annual fees are £5,875 (being 1.00% of £500,000, plus 0.25% of the portfolio balance of £350,000). This equates to 0.69% on the entire portfolio of £850,000.
  • For those clients with small investment portfolios, we also charge a fixed monthly retainer, payable by standing order. The amount charged is determined by size of the existing portfolio; likely future savings into the investment portfolio; our current minimum annual fee requirement etc.
Our Ongoing Fee Calculator

Approx value of investable assets


other ongoing third-party fees

  • For investments, there are two other elements to the ongoing charges you will pay, in addition to our annual fee:
    • Firstly, fees levied by the custodian or "platform". This administers your investments, offers the tax-wrappers, provides tax-reporting information etc.
    • Secondly, fees charged by the fund managers, who make the underlying investment decisions for your portfolio.
  • In the example of £850,000 these annual fees will be approximately 0.25% (custodianship) and 0.30% (fund management).
  • So, with our ongoing advice fee, the total annual expense will be c.1.24%. For this, you are getting:
    1. Ongoing Lifestyle Financial Planning, including continual access to independent financial advice
    2. Comprehensive investment administration and tax-reporting
    3. Sophisticated fund management.


life Assurance

  • Life assurance advice costs can still be covered by commission from the insurance company concerned.
  • Where this is not sufficient to cover our advice costs, we will quote you a fee, payable in addition to any commissions we will receive.